UV Coating System

This solution is typically used for temporary coating or thin layer coating for OCTG, sprinkler pipe or similar. The UV Coating System provides you with an alternative option to water based or VOC based coatings.


 Faster Line Speed & Cure Time

 Smaller Floor Space

 Lower Energy consumption

 Cleaner: No VOC / NVP’s / HAPS

 Higher ROI  Reduced Reporting & EHS


How it works

The application of this coating is by means of spray application in a coating booth. The curing of the coating is by means of UV light in an enclosed environment. The UV Coating System can be provided including handling equipment or fully integrated with available alternatives.


The Full Scope:

 UV Coating cabin

 UV Curing Cabin

 Paint kitchen

 Electrical controls

Number of UV lamps  : 12 – 18 (600w/in.,10”), depending on pipe speed

Number of spray guns  : 4 – 8, depending on pipe speed

Pipe diameter range  : 1″ – 16”

Pipe length range  : 6 – 18 m

Pipe speeds  : up to 120 m/min

* other specifications upon request

UV Coating System