Tube Coating Systems (FBE, 3LPE, CML, CWC)

Pipe Coating Systems (General)

Selmers manufactures pipe coating solutions for various types of coatings, mainly for anti-corrosion, mechanical protection, insulation, flow efficiency and weight increasing purposes. As with individual blasting machines, pipe coating plants are also available for numerous setups: for internal and external applications, small and large diameters, low and high capacities and continuous or one-shift operation.


 Flexibility and ease of operation

 Sufficient opportunities to incorporate future plant expansion

 Easy plant foundation

 Quick changeover times to other diameters

 Continuous coating results

 High accuracy equipment resulting in savings on coating materials


How it Works

All equipment is tailor made to custom specifications. The design of Selmers’ pipe coating systems is flexible in setup and allows for a variety of equipment configurations, depending on the type of operation, type of coating, coating specifications, ambient temperatures and space available.

The Full Scope:

 Shot blasting:

  • internal and external,
  • pneumatic and mechanical, ice

 Multi Layers coating:

  • side extrusion,
  • cross head die (ring) extrusion
  • sintering

 Bitumen / Coal tar enamel coating

Internal and external powder (FBE) epoxy, liquid epoxy & PU and PE coatings

 Concrete Weight Coating

 Cement Mortar Lining

 Foam (PU) insulation spraying, pouring or injection systems

 Deep water (5LPP foam) insulation coatings

 Coating of fittings, tees, valves and bends

Our plants and equipment have been made suitable for pipe diameters from 1” up to 144”, weights up to 50 mTons and lengths up to 25 meter

* other specifications upon request