Uhrhan and Schwill founded in Essen specializes in planning, developing, and producing welding systems. Its goals are pursuing continuous improvement of welding processes by optimizing the welding systems, ensuring the highest standards in quality and safety, and high flexibility when meeting individual customer requirements.

Uhrhan & Schwill is setting new standards in multiple arc welding technology and automation. Uhrhan & Schwill stands for new and further developments on the highest level in welding technology, control engineering and automatic control engineering. They are constantly carrying out tests under similar conditions, thus optimizing systems and more user-friendly manufacturing technologies through continuous research, further development and modernization.


Welding processes

The Uhrhan & Schwill delivery program includes welding systems for two different welding processes:

MAG tack welding machines
Internal welding systems
Metal active gas welding (MAG-welding)
Submerged arc welding (SAW)