Steel pipe coating​

In this field our global experience and services translate into superior safety-value on pipeline projects throughout the world. We are and will be demanding of ourselves and work relentlessly to provide to the energy industry solutions with respect of nature, living things, work safety and thus contribute to minimise the degradation of pipelines during their years of service.

Industrie Polieco-MPB offers a complete package of external corrosion products for oil, gas, water, petrochemical and other related industries. Using our extensive records and historical data we recommend the otimum corrosion prevention and control solutions taking into account all technical environmental and economic aspect.

Industrie Polieco-MPB offers a comprehensive service to both applicators and pipeline owners to assist them in selecting the most effective anticorrosion coating systems suitable for the energy industry.

By working together with highly qualified gas and oil companies who specify coating systems based on their own design and engineering practise, our coating systems have been qualified and approved. We will keep on extending this dedicated activity so as to provide a safe and sure choice.

Steel pipe coating

Steel pipe coating