Stainless steel tube welding lines

Stainless steel permanently opens new applications with its versatile use and almost unlimited benefits. It is meeting increased demands on environmental sustainability, value preservation and profitability. Today, stainless steel is an indispensable part of many industrial sectors such as water management, food processing, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical technology.


Stainless steel tube production - gentle and precise

Stainless steel tube welding lines require a very careful handling of the strip material. Precisely processed strip edges and an accurate strip guiding ensure good welding results as well as excellent surface quality and precision. For this purpose, the high-quality stainless steels with strength values up to 1,000 MPa must be processed gentle on the surface during the entire tube production.


This begins with the strip accumulation and continues with a specific arrangement of rolls and stands when forming. After welding the weld-seam (inside/outside) can be rolled, ground and polished. In the sizing section the tube is then straightened and optionally tested to determine its quality.