Slitting Lines

With expertise and experience acquired from the design, construction, commissioning and technical support of approximately 700-ferrous and non-ferrous Slitting Lines operating in 25-countries, Braner/Loopco has earned a well respected global reputation for building heavy-duty, technologically advanced, highly-productive, and bullet-proof reliable Slitting Lines that efficiently generate exceptional quality products for many decades.

Our Slitting Lines are custom designed and built to meet customer specifications and production requirements so every line we produce is comprised of unique elements and characteristics. Slitting Lines we have delivered process coils ranging from 0.003” (0.08mm) gauge 0-temper aluminum through .250” gauge brass & copper to 0.750” (19mm) gauge hi-strength coil, with coil weights to 45-tons and coil widths to 120” (3048mm).

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