Slit Flat-Dripper extrusion line

THE Machines Yvonand SA develops, designs, engineers and manufactures «in house» all extrusion lines. Line components are supplied to the highest standards, technologies and precision, resulting in unsurpassed line performance, productivity and end-product quality.

World-wide water shortages force farmers to adopt novel and alternative solutions to irrigating crops. Subsurface drip irrigation has provided an emerging technological advance, though remaining with the challenges of overcoming the known anti-syphon and root intrusion issues.

THE together with its sister company “Pro Tool AG of Switzerland” have developed a solution to tackle these challenges by developing Patented drippers – as the PTH-S & PTH-U, along with the extrusion technology to produce the end product.

Slit-Flat-dripper lines feature advanced and highly precise dripper feeding, insertion and exclusive slitting solution, along with “closed-loop” operational and QA systems. These result in high precision process and production stability, giving highest quality and manufacturing excellence, at lowest production cost.

Technical data


Pipe diameter

12 – 36 mm
Pipe wall thickness0.15 – 0.45 mm
Line speed max400 m/min
Dripper insertion & slitting frequencyMax 2000 dripper/min
Pitch min10 cm
Coiling typeTake-up (carton spools)
Integrated high speed laser markingOptional

Line control

Central system & Industry 4.0 ready