Internal Blasting system

How it works

In the internal mechanical blasting process the pipe surface is blast cleaned with dry-grit using a blast boom system. A highly concentrated stream of steel abrasive particles are projected at the surface. The goal is to remove rust, mill scale and contaminations in order to create the correct cleanness and surface roughness profile, beneficial for coating adhesion.


 High pressure ventilator(s), with constant flow, independent of filter load

 All blast heads are hydraulic driven

 No shadow when blasting spiral pipes

 Fully automatic pipe screw compensation system on rotation unit

 Electronic grit valve for more accurate and on the fly grit adjustment (optional)

How it works

The blasting process is executed with abrasives while the pipe is situated on rotation units. Where-as the actual blast process is carried out by means of a blast lance which is introduced in the pipe. During this process the rear- and front pipe-end are positioned into enclosure cabins allowing airflow and preventing escape of abrasives, dust and debris. The abrasives can be grit, shot or a mixture in varying sizes and hardness. The abrasives are led from an abrasive bunker to the blast wheel or nozzle thru abrasive valves, controlling the amount of abrasive. Surface cleaning is than accomplished by high power mechanical blast wheels (or nozzle in case pneumatic blast) accelerating abrasives with high impact against the pipe surface.

The blast system comes c/w abrasive recycling and cleaning system. Used abrasives are collected in a closed loop system by means of a screw and bucket elevator. During cleaning, dust and debris are separated from the re-usable abrasives. The dust filter retracting dust-loaded air from the blast cabin is also generating airflow for cleaning the abrasives.

The Full Scope:

 Rotation units

 Dust collecting system

 Front & end cabins

 Abrasive reclaim system

 Blast lance & drive buggy

 Electrical control system


This system can also be found as a part of the: 

Internal Pipe Coating Plant

Product range

– Cleanliness level: up to Sa 3

– Production capacity for high capacity lance: up to 700 m²/hour (ASA 2½)

– Mechanical blasting: suitable to process pipe diameters from 8 5/8” to 144” (219 – 3657 mm)

– Pneumatic blasting: suitable to process pipe diameters from 1” to 28” (25.4 – 711 mm), and up to six pipes can be blasted simultaneously

– Special blasting: solutions for pipes smaller than 2” and larger than 140, special blasting solutions for example include blasting for pipes with flanges

– Pipe length range            : up to 25.6 m



Internal Blasting System