Flying Saw​

Downstream the tube production process are various flying saw technologies:

  • Punching aggregates
  • Inductive separation aggregates
  • Cold saw aggregates
  • Hot saw aggregates
  • Carbide steel aggregates
  • Multi-head saws for round or rectangular/square tubes

The flying saws are designed in horizontal or inclined bed design and are based on the applications accordingly. The SEUTHE cold saw aggregates ensure a salable cut with minimum burr even for high-tensile steels (carbide steel aggregate version).

Speeds up to 300 m/min. provide best possible conditions for an economic tube production. SEUTHE cutting units are safe, economical and produce excellent cutting results. Moreover, weight-optimized, solid saw aggregates reduce operating costs noticeable.

Individual control programs perfect the cutting process for best cutting results and smallest length tolerances. Sophisticated software maximizes the prime tube production. The flying saws can be equipped with different saw aggregates.