CTL & MBL lines

Cut-to-Length and Multi-Blanking Lines convert ferrous and non-ferrous flat rolled metal coils into flat sheets and precision dimension blanks. Braner/Loopco CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines employ state-of-the-art CNC Hydraulic Roller Levelers to level coils into panel-flat strip. Stationary CTL Shears with looping pit and Servo Feed and flat pass line Flying Shears are employed to shear leveled strip into close-tolerance sheets and blanks.

Braner/Loopco CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines are custom designed and custom built to meet Customer’s raw material specifications and production requirements, so every line includes unique characteristics and equipment elements to achieve desired results and productivity.

CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines are available for converting carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless coil in widths to 100” (2540mm) in gauges from .018” (0.46mm) to .750” (19.0mm).