Conventional Mills​

SEUTHE classic tube welding lines with conventional forming technology produce tubes in dimensions from 4.7 to 406 mm, rectangular tubes with comparable dimensions and a wall thickness of up to 16.0 mm and tube lengths between 4,000 and 18,000 mm.

Conventional Mills up to 24”; Direct Forming Mills up to 10”x10” (FCF); Cage Forming Mills up to 12”; Mini-Tube Mills from 2.5mm (high precision); Multi-Layer Lines; Stretch Lines; Flying Saws; Straighteners; Hydrostatic tests; Packaging machines; Laser Welders - Butt Weld

The flying saws are designed in horizontal or inclined bed design.

The SEUTHE cold saw aggregates ensure a salable cut with minimum burr even for high-tensile steels.

Speeds up to 300 m/min. provide best possible conditions for an economic tube production.

n the retrofittable cage forming CTA production system the universal forming rolls are located in a roller cage which can be adjusted centrally, automatically and infinitely for the production of large size ranges. And most importantly, a dimension change which takes hours with conventional tube mills can be carried out in about half an hour depending on the tube mill complexity thanks to CTA.